2019 annual training of China IP training Center


Dear students,

    The 2019 annual training of the total platform will be officially launched on January 1, 2019. The training deadline is December 31, 2019. All courses in the training course are free courses. In addition to continuing to open the course of WIPO Distance Chinese Course DL001 in the 2019 training class, the new “Intellectual Property One Belt and One Road Series Course” and the “Trademark Law Series Course” will be launched. All students are welcome to take courses.

    If you have not completed the course selected in the 2018 training course, please re-select the course in 2019 and the platform will re-record your information about the course.

    According to the assessment plan, the examinations for this year’s exam-containing courses are scheduled for June and November. Each test takes one month and the test is “online exam”.

    All students are welcome to participate in the 2019 Distance Education Training Course of the General Platform!

                                        China Intellectual Property Training Center


                                           December 27, 2018